Contemporary Glass Artist

Elliot's approach to glassblowing is predominantly sculptural, inspired by flowing, natural, abstract forms, he attempts to push the boundaries of his skills to develop complex techniques and processes which require precision and timing. Elliot bases his work on hot-glass processes, using tools to manipulate and stretch the molten liquid to create elegant and sleek glass sculptures.

Alongside making sculptural glass pieces, Elliot also makes limited-edition vases and plates, drawing from the inspiration behind his sculptures in order to create luxurious display items for many different settings.

Elliot is a current student at Manchester School of Art, studying a BA (Hons) in Product design and Craft.


18 Nov 20 | Small white glass form

Here's a video of me making a small white glass form which will be picked up on another pi...

Short video (Documenting processes)

Project Snapshot (Inspiration, development, making)

This is a short video detailing a snapshot of my current project looking at flow

30 Nov 20 | Flow | Coldworking, Grinding and Polishing

In this video I coldwork some pieces for my 'flow' series - looking at the flow of water i...

18 Nov 20 | Solid glass experimental form

This video shows the process I used to create an experimental clear solid glass form for m...